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Jail Release

There are many questions asked about the release process following a DWI arrest. When you are taken to jail following an arrest, you’ll be booked, placed in a holding cell, and your bail will be set. A judge will see you after you’re arrested to determine if bail release is a possibility, and bond is set. Bond is a form of payment issued to a court in exchange for your freedom. Conditions are attached to bond, and failing to meet each of them is going to result in your immediate arrest.

Calling an attorney to see you through the bond process and to get you home is your best chance of staying within the terms of your bond. Our job is to explain to you what is expect of you and how it will work from this point forward. You must be present for all court hearings, you must not be arrested for anything else, and you must not drive a vehicle.

You may not post your own bail when you are arrested. You must wait for a bond hearing, and a family member or friend must post bond for you. The amount of your bond is determined by the seriousness of your intoxication, your past DWI history, and whether an accident occurred. If you can’t afford bail, you’ll be allowed to post bond with an agency. Others are released on their own recognizance, and they sign documentation stating they will appear for all hearings and trials.

The jail release process is one that can go any way once a hearing is scheduled following arrest. It’s best to have an experienced attorney present to help with the intricacies of this situation, and to explain to you all that you need to know to stay within the confines of your bond agreement.


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